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Backing project

How to back a project

How to use Interswitch card to back a project

Backing project

How to back a project

1. How do I back a project?

First, you need to register and login into Then click the "Claim This" button on the reward section of a Project.  You will be asked to enter your pledge amount with appropriate reward.  You will select the method of payment and then conclude the backing process. Paypal is global while Bank Transfer and Interswitch support users in Nigeria. For Bank Transfer, you will complete it by making bank deposit into account number provided.

2. When is my card charged?

Immediately via Paypal or Interswitch. 

3. Is my pledge amount publicly displayed?


4. What info does the project creator receive about backers?

The name, username, email and value of amount/reward backed. Neither StartCrunch nor Project creators has access to your credit or debit cards. 

5. How can I ask questions?

Each project creator can be contacted via the Contact Me  button near the profile image on the project page. You can contact us at the Contact Us form via the site footnote. You can also email

6.  Who is responsible for fulfilling my reward?

The project creator

7. Who can pledge on this site?

Anyone at least 18 years of age

8. Is my pledge tax-deductible?


9. Can I pay by check? Send check by mail?

No. Make desposit into bank account provided.

10.  Who is StartCrunch

A subsidiary of FASMICRO, which is registered in both Nigeria and U.S.

11. Who processes my donation?

Paypal or Interswitch depending on the one chosen

How to use Interswitch card to back a project

Interswitch (via GTPay) Payment Instructions in

1.            First, you need to register and login into Visit a Project and then click the "Claim This" button on the reward section of the Project.  You will be asked to enter your pledge amount with corresponding reward.  Select Interswitch in STEP 3 (Note if the logos do not show, manually RE-ENTER the amount in STEP 1). The payment process is completely handled outside our network; no one here will ever have access to your card details. Interswitch and GTBank have built secured tunnels to execute these transactions.

2.            After you select Interswitch and click CONTRIBUTE, the site will redirect to GTBank website.

3.            Select your Card type from the Select Your Card Type dropdown list (Verve, Mastercard Naira, Visa Naira). Always check that you have after Merchant Website. You will also be asked to put your email address. Depending on your card, you will be taken to Interswitch site to conclude your payment. GTBank handles the Visa card.

4.            Enter your Card Number in the Card Number textbox

5.            Select the Expiry Date on your card by selecting the Month and Year

6.            Enter your CVV2 Number (which is the 3 digit number at the back of your card)

7.            Enter your PIN and click Pay. Please do not share your PIN with anyone.

8.            If your payment is successful, you will see it on the site. If not, there will be feedback on the screen and the following are always suspects:

                -              Ensure you entered the card number correctly

                -              Check your PIN is correct

                -              Card has expired

                -              Withdrawal limit exceeded

- Transaction not permitted to cardholder. Possible if your card is not activated to be used online

-              Insufficient funds

-              Transaction error could be that network is having problem within the bank and Interswitch. You can wait small time and try again.

9.            After successful payment, If the site does not redirect you to StartCrunch, manually return to our site