StartCrunch is a funding platform that is open to anyone that is at least 18 years old. Except when perks involve equity transfer in which case U.S. backers are technically prevented from backing , the site is open to anyone for creating or funding projects. We support Fixed (all or nothing) and Flexible (you keep what you get) funding models; each project is clearly marked with either on its page.

When a user starts a project, the administrator must approve it before it goes public. We make sure that the project aligns with our focus (see project categories on home page). We want your imagination and creativity and will not restrict them by listing what you cannot start as a project. So, we invite you to start and build your project. 

The heart of  this site is the backer. Without a backer, there can never be a successful project. Become a backer, bring a backer to this platform, and make many of your friends backers. 

Community Guidelines

Spread the word but don't spam.  Sharing your project with friends, fans, and followers is one thing, but invading inboxes and social networks uninvited is another.  Be respectful and considerate!