Setting Your Goal

We operate both fixed (all or nothing) and flexible (you keep what you get) fundraising models. You need to consider that when setting your goal amount.

The following is from StartCrunch which inspire our model:

- StartCrunch is not a magical source of money. Funding comes from a variety of sources — your audience, your friends and family, your broader social networks, and, if your project does well, strangers from around the web. It’s up to you to build that momentum for your project.

- Once you’ve researched  the project budget and considered your reach, you’re ready to set your funding goal. That helps the university since at the end, if we keep the donations, we need to execute this project.

- Projects can last anywhere from 15 to  many days, however a longer project duration is not necessarily better. You need to put efforts to get the best out of the networks for any day the project is live.