How To Use StartCrunch

Launched : 22 Jun,2013

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In this video, StartCrunch team explains how to create and back projects. The textual version of this video is available in the Help section of this site.

Creating Project

1. How do I start a project?
Click the menu "Start" button on top. That will take you through the process of logging in and then building your project. Read some guidelines to help you in crafting your project.

2. Who is eligible to start a project?
Anyone anywhere who is at least 18 years of age

3. How are projects reviewed?
The admin approves every project before it goes live on the site. A project can be approved, declined or more infomation requested for modification.

4. What are funded on StartCrunch?
There is no hard rule on what the project can be. Read the project guidelines for some directions and contact us if you want to discuss the project before launch.

5. What infomation should I share on my project page?
After visiting your project page backers should have a clear sense of:
— What it is you are trying to do and why that is feasible
— How the funds will be needed to execute the project
— Your qualifications to complete this project and why that project is important
The more information you share, the more you will earn your backers’ trust.

6. Do I need a video on my project?
Videos are not required to launch, but projects with a video succeed at a much higher rate (50% vs. 30%), and they also raise more money. So we highly recommend that you include one! If you need help with your video, please contact us.

7. What can be offered as a reward?
You decide what will make people support your project. You need to be creative.

8. Can I raise more money than my project state goal?
Yes. If a project reaches its funding goal before time expires, projects continue to accept pledges until the funding deadline. There is no option to end a project early.

9. Can I run more than one project at a time?

10. How can I protect my idea?
At StartCrunch, we believe in open innovation. Any idea you are worried that can be stolen should not be posted. We collaborate, share and learn.

11. How do I include images and videos in my project?
There are two ways to include, videos, photos and images in your description, either uploading them directly from your computer or embedding them. So, you can also embed videos and audio in your project description and updates (e.g., from Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr, etc.).

How to back a project

1. How do I back a project?
First, you need to register and login into Then click the "Claim This" button on the reward section of a Project. You will be asked to enter your pledge amount with appropriate reward. You will select the method of payment and then conclude the backing process. Paypal is global while Bank Transfer and Interswitch support users in Nigeria. For Bank Transfer, you will complete it by making bank deposit into account number provided.

2. When is my card charged?
Immediately via Paypal or Interswitch.

3. Is my pledge amount publicly displayed?

4. What info does the project creator receive about backers?
The name, username, email and value of amount/reward backed. Neither StartCrunch nor Project creators has access to your credit or debit cards.

5. How can I ask questions?
Each project creator can be contacted via the Contact Me button near the profile image on the project page. You can contact us at the Contact Us form via the site footnote. You can also email

6. Who is responsible for fulfilling my reward?
The project creator

7. Who can pledge on this site?
Anyone at least 18 years of age

8. Is my pledge tax-deductible?

9. Can I pay by check? Send check by mail?
No. Make desposit into bank account provided.

10. Who is StartCrunch
A subsidiary of FASMICRO, which is registered in both Nigeria and U.S.

11. Who processes my donation?
Paypal or Interswitch depending on the one chosen


Have a question If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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