Making GTPay/Interswitch Payment via StartCrunch for Facyber, Zenvus, etc

Launched : 06 Oct,2016

Funding ends : 06 Oct,2017

This is not a project. This is created to help customers paying for services on Facyber.comZenvus.comand other First Atlantic Semiconductors & Microelectronics (Fasmicro) brands to have an extra way to make payment.

StartCrunch supports payments with GTPay and Interswitch via First Atlantic Semiconductors & Microelectronics Guaranty Trust Bank Nigeria Plc  bank account # 0114016493. Any payment made via will be received by our company. Please note that you can just deposit into our GTB account number or transfer into it without having to go through using StartCrunch to make payment.

Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank) Account # 0114016493 
Account owner: First Atlantic Semiconductors & Microelectronics

Fasmicro owns both Zenvus, Facyber, StartCrunch and other entities. We think it does not make economic sense integrating GTPay and Interswitch in other sites and paying the huge fees when we have one already. 

Once you make payment, please email indicating the service you have paid for. 

While you can use that it is possible to make Paypal payment in foreign currency via StartCrunch, we recommend that you use the Paypal feature available via Facyber, Zenvus, etc, depending on the service you are paying, for that. We receive only Naira payment here and the exchange rate in not actively maintained. 

Paying via StartCrunch
Once you have noted the product you want to pay for in Facyber, Zenvus, etc and the Naira amount, go ahead and make the payment via direct transfer or bank deposit. But if using StartCrunch, do the following

Interswitch / GTPay Payment Instructions in
 1.            First, you need to register and login into Visit this link and then click the "Back This  Project" button on the right hand side of the page. Once you login, you will  be asked to enter the amount (i.e. the amount you want to pay based on the services from Facyber, Zenvus, etc). Ignore the date on "This project will be funded till ....7". This is not a project, focus on making the payment.

Select Interswitch/GTPay in the option (Note if the logos do not show, manually RE-ENTER the amount in the previous STEP). The payment process is completely handled outside our network; no one here will ever have access to your card details. Interswitch and GTBank have built secured tunnels to execute these transactions. Please note that the system can ask you to select Perk, select the only perk there.

2.            After you select Interswitch and click CONTRIBUTE, the site will redirect to GTBank website.

3.            Select your Card type from the Select Your Card Type dropdown list (Verve, Mastercard Naira, Visa Naira). Always check that you have after Merchant Website. You will also be asked to put your email address. Depending on your card, you will be taken to Interswitch site to conclude your payment. GTBank handles the Visa card.

4.            Enter your Card Number in the Card Number textbox

5.            Select the Expiry Date on your card by selecting the Month and Year

6.            Enter your CVV2 Number (which is the 3 digit number at the back of your card)

7.            Enter your PIN and click Pay. Please do not share your PIN with anyone.

8.            If your payment is successful, you will see it on the site. If not, there will be feedback on the screen and the following are always suspects:
                -              Ensure you entered the card number correctly
                -              Check your PIN is correct
                -              Card has expired
                -              Withdrawal limit exceeded
- Transaction not permitted to cardholder. Possible if your card is not activated to be used online
-              Insufficient funds
-              Transaction error could be that network is having problem within the bank and Interswitch. You can wait small time and try again.

9.            After successful payment, If the site does not redirect you to StartCrunch, manually return to our site
After Making Payment
After you have made payment in any form, please send us an email indicating the service paid and amount. If Facyber, we will use your preferred email to register the course. You can then take the course online. If Zenvus, the product will be shipped and access given to the portal for the services.

If you have any technical problem on using StartCrunch, you can discuss it in - our community support site. Please file it under StartCrunch thread in Kaucus. For other questions, email


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    There is no perk - This is not a project. It is simply a way to receive payment via GTPay/Interswicth for other brands of FASMICRO. Click the link above "Back this Project" to continue.

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